The 3 Fs to objection management

Objection management

How do you deal with objections, when your prospect tells you that she is not interested in your product becuase it is just to expensive, or what they have is good enough at present? For large sales you should be looking at objection prevention that I will deal with in other posts but here I want to share with you a simple 3 word approach that is really quite cool.


Feel, Felt and Found

Don’t knee jerk and say, it’s not expensive or what you have is terrible. Acknowledge the persons feelings. “I understand how you feel”. Then tell them they are not alone, validating their fear; “Other companies like yours have felt the same about….”

Now that you have acknowledged and validated the persons fears you are in a much better place to address them. Here you say “But what those customer have FOUND is that..WHEN you implement the product / service you actually gain your investment back in 8 months due the savings you make…etc


Keep it simple

I understand how you FEEL. We have had other customer that have FELT the exact same way, but what they have FOUND WHEN ….is…………………….

Feel, felt and found, a great and simple tool for objection management. What do you think? What do you use?

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